DIY Halloween-Inspired Beauty Treatments


Watch NBC NY Video for Easy and Effective Ways to Use Your Halloween Party Leftovers

Watch NBC NY video

Beer Bath

Great source of vitamins and yeast

Sour Patch Face Scrub

5 Sour Patch Kids, fresh lemon, 5 pumps of Nerium’s Illumaboost. Scrub for 60 seconds.

Hot Tamale Lip Scrub and Plumper

6 Hot Tamales, pinch of cinnamon & brown sugar, 13 drops Maven oil

Garlic Treatment

Press a clove of garlic into a paste to spot treat acne or use as a nail bed treatment

Tomato Acne Treatment Mask

Apply a layer of tomato paste and let air dry for an easy acne treatment mask

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  1. Janet Wohleber

    Loved seeing you close to my neck of the woods on the east coast last week. Wish I could have met you in the flesh though! It was a great segment on New York Live! Thanks for the tips Kym!

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